Frequently asked questions

i. How To Buy $FRS Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list. (Click here for a step-by-step tutorial).

ii. Buy and send BNB/ Eth to MetaMask Buy BNB/ Eth on an exchange (i.e. Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. Head on to PancakeSwap/ Uniswap and swap for $FRS Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap, Click here to head on over to Uniswap or use this following address to select Fairies. Set the slippage tolerance to 15% (sometimes it may be 18%, depending on how much demand there is.)

iii. View $FRS and HODL Swap BNB/Eth for FRS. Now you need to add Fairies to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet to view your $FRS. Lastly, HODL!